English Kope defined specific programs for each one of our family members in order to have the best learning curve process. It is very good and we can see the progress and the results !!  We really enjoyed learning and improving our English with KWE.

It is more than an English School, we also learned about US and Michigan culture. When we travel, the kids start to tell us about Michigan animals, American culture, Nature. We ask, “How do you know that?” The answer is always the same, My tutor told us. She became part of our family.

Moreira Family

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kope with English is a great place to improve your language, and beyond!… Emily Zhang

Dow Chemical, China

…my presentation was given special recognition! Takeshi Ikeda

DOW Corning, Japan

I have confidence to speak English. I am not afraid to speak English in the mall or supermarket. Manali Dhaygude


I feel much more confident when communicating and presenting in English. I have been receiving good feedback that my accent has reduced as well as improvement in my voice quality.


The sound scripting has been a powerful technique I have been learning and using daily.

Izabel Assis

Dow Chemical, Brazil