Ever wish you could take your English trainer with you when you return to your home country?

Ever worry about your children losing their English foundation when they no longer live in an English speaking country?

Ever wonder if your English skills will take you where you want to go professionally?

Many of our people have expressed these thoughts to us. Concerned parents have enrolled their children in KWE online classes to give them the competitive edge over their classmates who have not had the advantage of Native Speaker English trainer.

Modern technology has made it possible to continue improving your English. The advantages of online learning create endless possibilities for you and your family.

KWE can personalize an online course for you and/or your family members.

Just imagine taking an online class at your convenience in your home at your time schedule.

You could work with the same trainer you had in Midland. That way you can keep the relationship across the miles. You do not have to start over with a new person, you can continue without interruptions in your training.

Consider using online training before you make your move to America. Knowing some conversational phrases certainly helps the adjustment to your new home.
Certainly, one-on-one training sessions in person proves to be the most effective. When that is not available, online training is an excellent choice. Sign up with KWE online English training today!

Skype - English Basics


5 @ $40 = $200

10 @ $38 = $380

15 @ $35 = $525

20 @ $32 = $640


College & University Test Prep

Skype or in person

15 sessions (2 hours) $1000

Individual sessions $75 per hour


Middle School+ Test Prep

Skype or in person

10 sessions (1.5 hours) $900

Individual sessions $75 per hour

Skype - English Conversations Only


5 @ $30 = $150

10 @ $25 = $250


High school

16 sessions $800

Individual sessions $60 per hour


Strengthening skills

10 sessions (1.5 hours) $900

Individual sessions $75 per hour