Survival Spoken English

When a person first arrives in the USA, communicating needs and wants is essential.  For that reason, KWE tutors make a point to help newcomers with minimal English skills learn “Survival Spoken English”.  These spoken skills include, but are not limited to, how to ask for help in the grocery store, how to make medical appointments, and how to ask a child’s teacher for  information or clarification.

A spin-off from Survival Spoken English is helping our students learn general survival skills for adapting to American culture.  Many of our students need to know how to find out if their child’s school has been cancelled for a snow day, where to buy ethnic food or spices, and how to apply for a driver’s license or bank account.

KWE tutors enjoy making life easier for our international students by assisting them in learning not only how to survive in the USA, but also how to thrive!

Survival Spoken English - 2
Survival Spoken English - 1
Survival Spoken English - 3