English as a Second Language courses include absolutely everything a person needs to communicate with competence in his/her second language. The major areas are listening/speaking, grammar, reading/ writing and pronunciation. Under those topics come smaller divisions. Listening/speaking includes active listening, listening discrimination, accent reduction/modification, conversational skills, or public speaking skills. Reading involves vocabulary, idioms, proverbs, genres of literature, figures of speech. Grammar involves sentence structure, parts of speech, word usage and everybody’s favorite, VERBS, especially irregular verbs. Writing includes transcribing thoughts into words in a logical format to create meaning to the reader. All the above mentioned areas are essential in good writing.

ESL English courses are very needs oriented. An international student will have different English needs than a child; a professional business person than a tourist, a homemaker than a teenager. KWE strives to fit the course and curriculum to the individual’s specific goals for his daily life.

Basic ESL courses will equip the learner with the specific skills needed to communicate in his/her daily life. Basic vocab for talking with neighbors, store clerks, friends, and community personnel make up the largest part of the class work.

Intermediate courses provide practice for improving the foundation of English skills already achieved. Gradually, higher levels of ESL fundamentals are added. Higher level conversation skills, increased vocabulary, more grammar structures, more advanced reading and writing skills.

Expert level ESL courses explore in-depth topics of business, science, literature current events, culture, cross-culture communication, leadership, history, novels, movies, periodicals,economics, hobbies and sports.