American Culture

Learning English is intrinsically linked to learning the American culture. First of all, the ex-pat encounters the process of adapting to a new culture, including Culture Shock, and Re-entry Shock. Then, helping the family, especially children, adapt, including understanding “Third Culture Kids.” When ex-pats understand that cultural ups and down are normal, happening to everyone living cross-culturally, they adjust more quickly and more tranquilly.

Next, ex-pats become acquainted with the host culture. This is the fun part. Learning the holidays, traditions, sports, food, customs, shopping, entertainment, slang, history, tourist sites of America enchants the newcomer. New wonders and experiences greet them every day.

Third, learning to appreciate the value of cross-culture communication marks the crowning achievement in cultural adjustment. Whether children in school, spouses in the neighborhood, or business professionals in the workplace, acceptance and understanding of differences and similarities enables each one to find success in their daily lives.

KWE is one of the few learning centers that includes cultural training as the heart of every class. Our tutors walk with you through culture shock, introduce you to American culture, and encourage you to broaden your worldview to embrace the world of cross-culture communication.