KWE English Test Preparation Courses


ACT for Juniors in High School

Numbers for ACT

3—letters ACT is American College Testing

4— ACT takes 4 hours to complete

4— 4 sections: English, Math, Reading & Science

6—points increase IF the student takes a test prep course


This three letter acronym can send fear into the hearts of any High School Junior. These results can determine admission into the college or their choice and perhaps scholarship money as well.

Given the importance of the test, it is amazing how many students go into it without any preparation. True, many test prep books are available on the market. However, students seldom seriously study on their own.

The advantage of a test prep class is the tutor, who gives test taking strategies and tips for understanding what the test requires. Practice tests further prepare the juniors for the actual test day. The accountability of attending class, completing homework and discussing questions with other classmates and a tutor develops a positive outlook.

Our KWE tutor, Kathy DePree relates that she has seen an average of 5-6 points increase in her students’ scores after they take the test prep course. That increase may make the difference in where the junior will go to the college of their first choice.

SSAT Test Prep Class

Middle schoolers who want admission to independent, private high schools in the United States need high SSAT scores to compete with other international students.

Kope With English LLC is proud to offer one of the few SSAT test prep courses in this area.

> Online classes

> Individual or small group classes

> Reasonable prices

> Practice tests

> Strategies and test taking tips

> Experienced, highly educated teachers

> Pre-test tutoring for students who have not had the needed foundational studies or cultural background

> English language training if needed





SAT/ACT Preparation Courses

All high schoolers know the importance of earning a high score on the SAT/ACT tests.

The right test scores controls:

1. Admission to the university of your choice

2. Scholarships to help financially

3. Future careers

What advantages do test prep courses give you?

1. Strategies and test tips

2. Experience in the actual test (practice)

3. Confidence in your abilities to master this test

Instructor Kathy Depree

Average increase: 4 points on the ACT


$400, 000 worth of scholarships awarded one hardworking student. She gave this testimonial to encourage others to take Kathy’s course.

Fall course

10/3 to 11/10

Mondays and Thursdays

3-4:30pm or 4:30-6:00pm

Space is limited so call Kathy now.


$600 per student plus text books.