Most High School Juniors spend their last years of high school preparing for college. To matriculate into your desired college fulfills your lifetime dream. However, the road ahead is long, steep and arduous. The ACT test, the Mt. Everest of  academic expeditions, looms ahead.  If you can only get over the ACT Everest, you will have reached the”promised academic land”, with scholarships, awards, prizes,& sports honors waiting to greet  you.

Do you need a trusty Nepali Sherpa guide to guide you to the first base camp on your ACT expedition? We recommend someone better. Help is at hand. Kathy Depree extends an invitation for a free ACT Test Preparation Introduction Class for Midland, Michigan Juniors. Oct. 12,2015  from 7-8 pm in the Kope With English Office,Suite 241 and 242, located at 5103 Eastman Ave. Midland, MI.  Kathy, an experienced ACT Test Preparation teacher, has guided many Midland  Juniors to their academic destinies. Kathy teaches the strategies of test taking and the benefits of practicing the ACT . In the free introduction class, Kathy will explain the details of the ACT test prep course, the fees, the homework required  & the schedule for the next several classes. She will also discuss the pros and cons of the ACT and the new SAT, which will be taken in Michigan schools in the very near future.

Her proven success rate speaks for itself. Starting with her own family (who raised their scores to the desired levels for entry into their college of choice), Kathy glows as she hears the ACT scores of her students AFTER they have taken her course. She hears comments from pleased parents as well.

” My daughter improved 10 points!’

“My son received the highest academic scholarship at his college.

“My son went from a 28 to a 33 and had his choice of several top engineering schools.”

“My twins improved 6 & 7 points.”

“My daughter’s stress and anxiety went down significantly.  She scored a 33. ”                                                                                                              ”

“I was surprised at how fun the class was. I expected it to be boring.”

Come join Kathy’s ACT test preparation course and see how high you can raise your score!